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What is purchase invoice processing?

Receiving supplier invoices, authorizing them, setting a remittance time, paying the invoice, and then entering it in the general ledger are all parts of the invoice processing process.

GoPayables: a complete cloud-based invoice processing system

GoPayables is a smart accounts payment software that allows a paperless, cloud-based process for your company while being simple and affordable. Our paperless invoice system manages the entire invoice collection, approval, and payment authorization process digitally. In addition, it helps you optimize your payment mix to reduce transaction costs and increase refunds.

By implementing GoPayables, you can create a fully automated accounts payable process working in the following four steps:


The approval procedure can be completed in a matter of clicks. Once your vendor emails an invoice to the system or uploads one; a list of approvers receives the electronic invoice for approval.  And the invoice can be accepted, rejected, or put on hold by them.


By integrating GoPayables with your current CRM or accounting system it will help in managing your finances simpler and faster. Since the data is linked across all of your systems, it is simple to keep track of any irregularities and act promptly to address them.


It enables the ingestion of invoices from any source, including email and email attachments, portals, and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), and will carry out automated matching with data acquired from finance applications related to purchasing orders.


The capacity to electronically and automatically reconcile bills is one of the most adorable features of invoice automation. The invoice will be set up for payment in the retailer’s Accounts Payable system once the match is made, allowing payment to be made when it is due.

Why automate your invoice processing with GoPayables?

GoPayables has emerged as a game changer in invoice processing. Our mission is to help the finance teams genuinely innovate their work process and help them to liberate themselves from the monotonous, repetitive chores that hinder growth. The complete invoice-to-pay process is digitally and automatically handled by our smart software, enabling your team to scale and support business development without adding personnel.


Benefits it brings to your business

Learn about the advantages of using a cloud-based invoice processing solution.

  • Reducing the manual work: Employees can focus their energy on jobs of a higher value. And when there are fewer manual processes, the possibility of errors is reduced.
  • Increase efficiency: Your entire workflow is kept accessible with the aid of GoPayables. This gives you access to real-time information about payment status, supplier relationships, and spending habits which significantly improves the company’s efficiency.
  • Save time: It automates the processing of invoices by directly uploading invoices and quickly matching those invoices to relevant documents. Additionally, it simplifies interparty communication, facilitating quicker approval and payment processing. All of this leads to substantial time savings, and increased productivity within the company.
  • Save cost: Automation of invoice processing can help your business save a lot of money. Reconciliation, document printing and mailing, and manual data entry all consume time and money. These chores can be streamlined, finished more quickly, and more effectively using GoPayables.

Fast, efficient, paperless invoice management



Streamline your workflow and reduce data entry with intelligent AP automation software. Give vendors the ability to email invoices directly to GoPayables for faster processing.



Connect on and off-site staff with our mobile e-approval solutions. Let team members access data in the cloud, even when they’re traveling on business.



Control cost and ensure regulatory compliance. GoPayables is designed to cut down on oversights and payment errors including duplicate invoices.



Pay on time, all the time. Improve AP team agility, shrink invoice approval time, and replace paperwork piles with one centralized document management system.



Track the invoice approval process within GoPayables as it happens. Don’t let holdups, rejections, or compliance issues hold you back. Take control with a real-time dashboard offering a complete audit trail.


Keep suppliers happy with accurate, on-time payments. No more fishing around for months-old paperwork. Retrieve disputed invoices with advanced search capabilities.


Take advantage of early payment discounts by expediting invoice approval with GoPayables. Instantly route rush invoices to approvers and send daily email reminders automatically.



Store important documentation safely and electronically, making lost paperwork a thing of the past with GoPayables’ online archival system. Customize user access so only authorized parties can view confidential documents.


With GoPayables, there’s no contract, no setup, and no customization charge. Our flexible processes adapt to your business needs. Easily integrate with QuickBooks and most accounting software.


An invoice management system helps in data centralization and automation to improve workflow efficiency and transparency for your business.

With the help of invoice management solutions like GoPayables, you can easily and quickly process invoices.

Yes, a variety of invoice management applications also allow integration with other software categories, including accounting, billing, and procurement software.

By utilizing invoice processing software like GoPayables businesses can automate the payment of supplier bills, which eventually helps to simplify the accounts payable operations.

Earlier the invoices were sent by email but nowadays more and more businesses are shifting towards invoice processing automation where the link can be shared immediately from the platform.

A director is only permitted to bill their own company if they run a separate business acting for other clients in a specific type of work and offer that service to the firm.

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