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Say Goodbye to Manual Invoice Processing

Are you still using manual methods for invoice management? It’s crucial to understand the limitations of this outdated approach. Manual handling leads to errors, consumes valuable time, and incurs unnecessary costs.

Bid farewell to lost paperwork, payment delays, and inefficient workflows. Embrace automated solutions to streamline your invoice management, enhance accuracy, and save valuable time and resources. Upgrade your system today for improved efficiency and seamless financial operations.

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Automating Invoice Approvals:
Benefits for your Business

Invoicing approval is one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of running your business. Because you have to wait days or weeks for invoices to be approved, it’s an absolute waste—the money owed sits idle in your bank account while multitudes are spent sending out reminders.

Gopayables provides a centralized invoice approval workflow which leads to the following benefits to your business:

Driving more business

Our software helps companies increase their visibility among vendors and suppliers, who value the speed at which they receive payments. It translates into more business, as vendors are more likely to continue working long-term with you and even recommend your company to others.

Cost reduction

GoPayables automatically approves invoices, so you no longer have to rely on multiple people supporting each invoice. It will result in less time on this task and eliminate human involvement leading to saving money.

Improved vendor relationships

It’s a good idea to quickly and accurately process vendor invoices because it will minimize payment delays and satisfy all supplier requirements, which can improve your relationships with these important business partners. If a vendor knows you’re able and willing to pay quickly, they may be more inclined to offer you discounts.

Increased efficiency

When it comes to business efficiency, there are several ways in which our software can increase productivity. For instance, it can reduce bureaucratic steps and automate them, freeing employees from mindless paperwork so that they may focus on more critical tasks.

Vendors can send invoices directly through the GoPayables system, allowing you to approve them faster than ever before. It means less time is spent on administrative tasks, and more time is available for direct decision-making.

Coordinate the remote team

The GoPayables system puts you in charge of the entire process; you can use our system to coordinate your remote teams so everyone is on the same page and can access data in the cloud while they’re traveling for business. You don’t have to wait for an invoice to be approved before you can talk about it with a client or your team—you can do it all at once!

Lessen payment errors

Our system ensures that all invoices are approved only by the appropriate person before they’re submitted to the payment department—you’ll never have to worry about paying someone twice or accidentally overpaying someone because an invoice got lost in the shuffle—you’ll always have 100% confidence that you’ve paid what you owe.

Tighten security

GoPayables uses a highly secure, server-based platform that addresses your data security and privacy needs. Our system ensures that no one can access any invoice unless given the proper permissions, which means your business is better protected against fraud, theft, and other types of financial crime.

How It Works


Upload an invoice instantly, or ask your vendor to email it to the system


The electronic invoice is routed to a list of approvers.


Approvers can approve, reject, or put the invoice on hold.


Your team can watch the entire process in real time.


Send approved invoices directly into your accounting software.


Yes, it’s that simple! Gone are the days of filing cabinets and tedious organizing. GoPayables puts everything in its place automatically. All your files are catalogued, indexed, and searchable online.

What does this mean for your AP team? Most likely, a sigh of relief! No more misplaced invoices. All important documents are at your fingertips, even while out of office. The interactive dashboard allows for advanced tracking and comprehensive reporting.

Why Digitize Your Receipt Approval Process?

Efficiently track, validate, and approve purchases without misspending funds. Say goodbye to the hassles of handling paper receipts. Discover the advantages of eReceipts:


  • Streamlined Storage: Simplify storage and easy accessibility when needed.
  • Seamless Integration: Expedite tax returns by directly importing receipts into accounting software.
  • Enhanced Security: Protect sensitive information with password-protected digital receipts.
  • Convenient Delivery: Receive digital receipts directly, saving time and effort.
  • Quick Search: Easily locate receipts by keyword or date range when necessary.


Embrace the benefits of digitization and transform your receipt management into a seamless and secure process.

Digital Receipt Approval Process
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Invoice Approval Automation Software for Small, Medium, and Large Enterprises

GoPayables offers tailored purchase invoice approval software for small, medium, and large enterprises.

Our user-friendly solution is cost-effective and efficient for small to medium-sized businesses, providing easy tracking of approved invoices and processing times. It also includes a reminder system for employees.

For large enterprises with global operations, our advanced software seamlessly tracks invoices across multiple divisions worldwide, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow regardless of your business’s size or geographic spread.


You have to take the following simple steps to automate your invoice approval:

  1. Use a pre-built template as a starting point or build a form from scratch.
  2. Make a workflow
  3. Run your new invoice approval workflow

The invoice approval workflow is a checklist of the steps required to validate and pay an invoice. The procedure calls for the use of purchase orders, confirmations of orders, and other procurement documents as well sales ones. All invoices will eventually be paid, and the appropriate parties will receive their payments.

The first in line is for the project manager or construction manager (PM/CM) to check whether an invoice has been entered correctly and approve it for payment.

In the manual system, when you receive an invoice from a vendor or supplier, it is the duty of the accounting clerk to check it for accuracy. In automated software like ours, the system verifies the voices for accuracy and highlights any errors if found. 

When there is no purchase order for a supplier’s invoice, businesses ask the accounts payable manager, joint accountant, or general ledger (G/L) accountant to confirm that payment should be made.

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